Best athelete type

I Will do a 30km climb race, the last 10km is at 10% average grade. Typically the winner takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes to finish. Which athelete type is the best to train for this race?

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Climber or gc specialist. Athlete type is such a hard question. Essentially lots of intervals around your 10min power during the build phase.

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Climber would be a good choice, but that also depends on your build. If you’re not a ‘typical’ climber, you might want to try and boost your one hour power, so in that case set it to time trialist…


Yes, good point Cyclopaat! I’m a relative good climber. I was between sprint time-triallist and time-triallist because the race is full gas for about an hour. My doubt is, why the sprint time triallist(focus on 20 minutes power) estimated 1 hour power on the day of the event is bigger than the time triallist(focus on 1 our power)?