Best Android for Xert Player

Does anyone have any recommendation for the best Android device to use with Xert? Looking at Samsung and Sony as some have ANT+ onboard but can’t decide beyond that.

Both the Samsungs and Sonys with ANT+ built in have been our main testing platforms. Motorolas have also been tested. Some very inexpensive phones and older Samsung models don’t support host mode on the USB interface so are unable to work with an OTG cable and ANT+ stick is the main issue to avoid. Running them clean and without a lot of running services is important since if the Android OS runs into memory issues, it can cause the Xert Service or the ANT+ plugins/radio service to fail in the middle of a workout.

I’m going to get a dedicated device (just for Xert). Will not enable mobile wireless (just WiFi) but I believe you have said previously that the app will background update signatures and workouts (in other words, out on the road, there’s no need for data connectivity, correct?). Are there any minimum (CPU/Memory) specs?

I’m sick and tired of the complications and problems with Edge 520. Also, don’t want to have to bother with continued signature updates on the Garmin data fields. Love the Vector3 pedals but the Edge520 and Fenix5 are big disappointments. Each software “upgrade” seems to break something new.

I believe Garmin is looking into some of the recent issues with the 520.

No real minimums. Just be wary of too many other apps running concurrently.

Thanks. Collateral question: where would you recommend I look for a bike mount? That part, at least, works really well on Garmin!

We’ve used Quad-locks before. There are cheaper options out there too if you just need a place to have it for training only. Personally, I have a stand/desk in front of me where I lay my bike computers, phone, tablet, laptop and fan remote control.

I mean for use outside. Indoors I also have a desk… Thanks again…

Check out the quadlock.

Thx. Going with an unlocked Samsung S7 and Quadlock.