Beginner with Xert Workouts & Problems

Hi, this is my first topic on this forum and i hope i can find some help.
I’m not new to indoor workouts, but i don’t know how i must to proceed when i can’t train at 100% intensity. With my recommended workouts i can finish ok with 95% intensity. But MPA diagram doesn’t look like it should…
Also my TP (267w) is lower than my current FTP tested with garmin on the road and during a ramp test indoor with TrainerRoad (282w).
I’m using Xert from 2019 and i have 4 full blue stars on Training Status & Form. So i have some history in Xert.
So what i’m doing wrong?

When was your last breakthrough and what is your decay setting.? Also could you let us know what your signature is?

My last breakthrough was two weeks ago and i have optimal decay set. I never changed this.
My fitness signature is Peak Power 1004, HIE 23.6 and TP 266

Hard to say from limited info, but assuming your issue is only recent, it could be that you are actually tired and need some more recovery… so ease your training by reducing ramp rate (lower improvement rate… even to off season for a week) and / or intensity (use the freshness slider… or filter XATA recommendations to limit to 2 or 2.5 diamonds)

At four stars Xert can recommend quite a lot of tough endurance workouts which can take time recover from… the ‘hybrid polarization’ works well for later build and peak phases (HIT workouts make your status yellow so you get recommended easy workouts for coming days) but think less so for base / early build with high TL (there are tough endurance rides with a lot of near threshold work which probably push you to ‘yellow’ physiologically, but Xert can still say you are blue and recommend more 4 diamond workouts, since anything below TP is treated as ‘easy’)


From today outside ride. Not all out, but not like walking in a park :slight_smile:

So i’m convinced i can do more than Xert evaluation, but with indoor workouts i’m sure something is missing.
I’m in peaking phase because on 12/06 I have a race, but with 4 diamonds or more recomended i can’t finish with 100% intensity.
I almost never had this problem in the past with TrainerRoad.

When did you start a phased progression with that TED and what ramp rate(s) did you use?
A full progression is 120 days and would have slowly prepped you for Peak where you will get some tough workouts as well as during latter part of Build.
How often are you riding indoors versus outdoors during the week?
Are all your cycling activities in sync with Xert and include power?

I wouldn’t consider 95% difficulty a failed workout :wink: especially if you mean adjusting a high intensity interval halfway through the sets or when tackling a focus duration you aren’t good at.
Can you provide some indoor examples of why you think MPA isn’t working correctly?
Your outdoor example looks normal other than the very long break two-thirds through…

Four stars indicates your training load is in the 110-150 range (l1-14hours/week?) while blue indicates you should be feeling fresh which will trigger XATA to recommend harder workouts.
If you are not feeling fresh push the Freshness Feedback slider to the left (tired) and the recommendations will change accordingly.

TP and FTP are different which is discussed in a number of threads including this recent one – Xert calculations are incorrect - Support - Xert Community Forum (

Training Status and Form – Xert (
Freshness Feedback – Xert (

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Assuming you feel fresh / rested for the workouts, other things to consider are
… whether you use the same power meter inside and outside
… whether most of your breakthroughs are indoors our outdoors (can see the most recent one was outside and it’s fairly well documented that many riders struggle to put out the same power inside… cooling is often a factor)
… whether the indoor intervals are forcing you out of the saddle / to sprint (where power is generally much lower indoors)… what focus do you have…?

If those don’t explain it, maybe some errors have crept into your signature and you could ask support via email directly to take a look

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I’ve started using Xert for indoor training this week. Until now i used it only for MPA and other small things and to compare Garmin, TR, Strava informations.
I’m riding indoor 3 to 5 days a week and outside 1 or 2. Almost never 7/7 days of training.

All my activities are recorded with Assioma power meter. So i think i have data consistency.

Here is one of my indoor training in which after the third hard interval i switched to 95% intensity. The MPA graph doesn’t look like what was intended.

Almost all my breakthroughs are outside, except when i was doing a ramp test indoor.
In general i don’t ride indoor out of the saddle and my training focus is Climber. This is what i struggle so much to get better :grin:
For sure it’s much harder for me to ride indoor with all my efforts to find better cooling solutions. But for the moment I’m happy with what i have.

That workout you posted has a difficulty score of 173 (with my signature) so is supposed to be extremely difficult… it’s a tough 5 diamond workout which is quite a bit above your TL, so no surprise it felt hard. Was it recommended by XATA or did you choose it yourself? Usually XATA matches the number of diamonds to your stars when your status is blue… perhaps check the freshness feedback slider is set to zero…?

It was recommended by Xata.
My freshness after today activity was 29 and i moved it to 10 to see what is happening with recommended workouts. Now i get endurance workouts :grinning:

You mean the slider? If so, that will be why you were recommended the 5 diamond workout. Best to leave it at zero in general actually. More details here as mentioned by @ridgerider2… XATA will still automatically adjust recommendations based on your actual training load and form, so in general you don’t need to adjust yourself