Beginner: unreasonabe behavior of training advisor?

Hello Xerters, a beginner question here.

I have been recording my Kickr sessions with Xert for around two weeks now. I noticed that the training advisor gives contradictory advice on subsequent days. I have attached screenshots from day 1 (advice: 5 days before doing your next workout, 64XSS surplus) and next day (advice: 0 days before doing your next workout, 1XSS surplus). I did not change anything in my settings / goals recently.

How should I understand this? Or is it because my history is too short, and I should train more to get better advice?

Note that the advice is to do an activity of 82 or 86 XSS. Not to wait.

The number of days is just saying that it will take you this many days to reduce your surplus to zero. It is based on the average XSS/day you produce, so just an estimate.

The number of days is just saying that it will take you this many days to reduce your surplus to zero. It is based on the average XSS/day you produce.

Yea, but that’s the thing - it took 1 day, not 5, to reduce the surplus to 0. It looks like those two modules are somewhat disconnected. Xert reduced the surplus by 63 points in one day, but at the same time it thinks that it will take 5 days to reduce it. It looks like a different algorithm to estimate the XSS/day is used in both cases.

Do you have more activities you can import into Xert?
Two weeks is not enough to establish a weekly pattern (if you have one).
How many days per week are you currently riding?
How many hours/week do you plan to ride?

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Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I do have more rides, but I do not have power measurements for those - I only have a power meter on the indoor trainer. Also, I do not have a weekly pattern yet - I only bought the trainer and it’s the first winter season with it. I guess during this off-season I plan to ride around 4-5h per week, mostly for solid sessions and not 3h zone2 rides.

I guess time will tell where Xert takes me, but so far it seems that the start is challenging :wink: Both when it comes to figuring out a reasonable initial fitness signature, and a suitable training strategy.

Surplus is always calculated on a rolling week, so when you move forward one day, the workout that was (previously) 7 days ago drops out… I’m guessing you had a ride with 60 ish XSS 8 days ago (assuming you didn’t ride yesterday, otherwise 60 ish plus what you did yesterday), hence the surplus dropped by 60 ish in one day

What’s your training load? How many days you can take before your next workout depends on that.

The load is 9.7 and 9.5 on those two days, respectively. On both days in question I did not record any activity. The load was systematically rising for 2 weeks: I recorded 10 activities since 23rd of November. Average XSS for my activities was 72.6, with minimum 58 and maximum 82 points.

In general, Xert claims my goals require 3.2h weekly training. However, the current surplus/deficit calculations effectively result in a workout being suggested every day: Xert subtracts ~60 points per day, and every day suggests a workout worth ~85XSS. I might not make it through the week :wink:

Your training load of 10 isn’t reasonable as it means you average about an hour a week of training. There’s is probably an error in your data or settings. Contact for help.

Thanks, I have contacted the support and they have indeed made changes to my setup and signature. Hope this will help :slight_smile:

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