Beginner: need multisport integration advice

I emailed support on the 8th (after paying 1 month subscription) but haven’t had a response. So maybe the solid Xpert fanbase can help. Help!
My question has been asked several times in the past but I have not found a definite (or satisfying) answer. It is this: I use smart trainer cycling as an adjunct to my general fitness regime which mainly consists of running (5 and 10 km) together with some weight training and cardio workouts. How can I use the data from my non cycling activities (mainly running) with the Xert system without totally messing up the Xert signature etc. Today’s gentle threshold run increased my TP from 203W to 246W. I deleted it. I use a Garmin 6x Pro with Garmin HRM-Run strap and Garmin Runpower app. You suggest various semi fixes, including for Stryd (involving a second free account) but I’ve had no joy via Customer Service re an answer on that. My data says I’m very tired but I’m not(!) , and it hasn’t even been able to take this morning’s run into account. Xert mentioned in some post that they were planning fuller multisport integration but changed focus when the pandemic hit… I’d be grateful for some harder info, please. Many thanks…

If you get rid of the power data in your non-cycling activities you could use heart rate derived data in Xert, it’s not perfect but better than nothing.
The power for running and cycling is not comparable and can’t coexist in one account without your signature (there is only one) being messed up.

Hope this helps a bit, real multisport support would be very cool though.


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Thanks for that idea, Idefix. I’ll mess about with that a little. My concern though is that, according to one Xert podcast I listened to, even a change (in this scenario it would be “an error”) of 5 in the TP would result in considerably changed smart workouts…
I’m sure you’re ultimately right in thinking cycling data is so different to running that the two can’t co-exist in the same signature (and consequently workout planner etc etc) but where does that leave many of us who don’t just cycle? Don’t get me wrong: this is not a complaint about Xert; it’s a cry (ok, whimper) for help, as I find the Xert system of reactive workouts, calendar one can actually easily manipulate etc. so much better than other cycle apps I have explored. I guess I just need to keep on pedalling and be guided by my Garmin Fenix system, that does integrate the 2 (and more) sports. Still would like to try out the Stryd suggestion but using Garmin power app instead. Many Cheers…

Update: Xert have responded and given instructions on second account (trial to start). I have input my running and cycling activities as detailed here: Playing with Xert– Part 3 – The Athletic Time Machine. Very promising so far! M.

I have a Fenix 5 for a few year now. I find the Garmin analyses very bias towards high intensity workouts. So not the best for 1h+ endurance… IMO.

Be careful to don’t burnout -been there, than that.