Be wary of Trainer Power data quality

Powermatch makes this trainer nearly as good as any other. Without, it would be useless.

Trainer Slope and Intercept

To understand what this means: Trainer Power = Power * 0.58 + 61 for this particular trainer / power meter combination. So if your power on your power meter reports 300W, this particular trainer will report 235W. Slope and intercept should be as close to 1 and 0, respectively, as possible.

Where is this screen? I’ve tried every button I can think of in the app, but haven’t seen this screen.

This if from the STATUS PAGE. Tap the 1000 screen or click SELECT on the 520. Choose STATUS PAGE. Then swipe/up-down to get to this page.

Ah, thank you! It never occured to me that the Status Page was multi-page… I see it now. But I also noticed that the Sensor screen states ‘Speed: From GPS’, but I have GPS turned off in the Options page?

Are you using a regular speed sensor or a trainer with an internal speed sensor? If not, then I think Connect IQ is giving us speed based on GPS. Our setting controls whether the GPS data is stored in the activity FIT file.

As soon as I connected to my trainer the screen said ‘Speed: From trainer’, so all is well :slight_smile:

So where is this Powermatch option available? I have a new Stac Zero trainer with a power meter, and it matches up quite well with my PowerTap hub; but it does read about 3-5% higher overall. Would I be able to use PowerMatch to bring the Stac power readings to match my PowerTap? And is this only in the CiQ stuff, or can I get it on Xert Mobile? I’d like to just use my little Lezyne GPS to record trainer rides, but if I have to take the tablet out and use Xert, I can manage that.

Powermatch is available both on Xert Player for CIQ (on by default) and Xert Mobile for Android (FE-C sensor option).

Hmm… so I have ANT or BLE option, but not FE-C as it is not a controllable/adjustable trainer. Darn, no Powermatch. But… then what are the + and - options when you look at the sensor details? Each sensor has the different activities as options to be used, then a + and - button with a readout. ???

It really would make things easier to have a complete manual or FAQ for each of the three different systems (web, mobile, and CiQ). And I know how hard that is to get done; I work in large company tech support, writing and updating FAQs seldom gets much priority.

The videos help but you’re right, there are a few more knobs and dials in Xert Mobile that we should cover in more detail. I’d ignore the +/- options in each of the sensor configurations for now. They are intended to be used to auto-select the activity type and create new sessions automatically.

I have trouble with powermatch. I’ve setup a power meter (P2M) and smart trainer (Elite RTM B+). Using the p2m as the source of power and cadence, trainer as fe-c. The power indicated on the screen is that of my power meter, but it’s much higher than the target level. For instance, 270W vs 199W target. When going to a higher level, target power goes to 313W, but my real power is 360W.
Obviously, this doesn’t work… What am I doing wrong. I use Xert Mobile by the way, with a Sony Xperia phone with ANT+.

By the way, I’ve set the fe-c setting to powermatch. Or I think I did: The button is showing “Disable powermatch”, so I assume it’s on then,

It may be that it takes some time for it to calibrate and if your P2M and Elite are that far off, you may even have some difficulty with erg mode and should switch to resistance or slope mode during the calibration.

I would suggest that you hold on for just a few days as we’ll be introducing a much improved calibration algorithm into Xert Mobile, as we are harmonizing the Garmin CIQ and Android algorithms. This may improve / address your issues.

Thanks Armando, I’ll wait a few days. It’s a pity that the trainer is so far off, making Erg mode is quite useless without powermatch.

Ilja I had the same problem on Xert mobile until I checked the power box for the trainer & power meter (as well as the FE-C for trainer) It wasn’t as accurate as I wanted, but I could manually boost the resistance of the trainer in options to hit the correct watts as measured by my powermeter. I’ve tried the Garmin CIQ app and that worked well without intervention most of the time, with the option to quickly bump up or down by 5w per up/down button press (on a Garmin 520)