Basic understanding of the Training Advisor

I’m new here and in general I love Xert. I’m a simple cyclist with focus on fun but as well a bit to improvement :slight_smile: Thats why I expect from Xert an improvement without a highly knowledge on training theory. BUT I like to understand a bit, what I have to do. And this “Recommended Workout” I don’t understand. With a deficit of 33 XSS (Workout Goal : 181 XSS (+148 XSS Training Surplus)) I get a recommendation with 182 XSS. Why not with 40 XSS or so? Or means 0.2 activity 181 XSS x 0.2 = 36.2 XSS, which makes sense?

XATA is working off a rolling seven day schedule and learns your weekly pattern.
In your case the activity suggested is similar to “activities performed on Mondays as of 6pm”.
However, you are free to change up your week as you see fit. :slight_smile:

I also used ‘recommended workout automatically’ when I first started using Xert but now that I have learned the ropes I prefer unchecked with Load More to decide on my daily dosage. Even if you leave automatic checked I recommend Load More to mix things up when you feel like it. Automatic can become tedious especially during Base phase.

The primary goal is keeping the pacer needle pointing up, ideally between 11am to 1pm although some weeks you may drift one way or the other. Otherwise you are in charge of allocating XSS during the week such as deciding on easy, hard, long, or rest days. Or you can follow the drone of base endurance day after day. :smiley: Building a strong low-intensity base will prepare you for the type of improvements common during Build phase when higher intensity comes into play. At that point you might want to settle into a weekly pattern and XATA will make suggestions along those lines moving forward.

Thank you for your answer.
Okay, that means I have to see the “Recommended Workouts”
as guidelines. So the main focus is on the pointer of the “Training Pacer”? I’ll just choose from the various suggestions and see what happens.