Base training : LTP seems under VT1

HI all, new user here.
I’m in my 5th week on base phase and i want to switch to XERT for now.
I’ve loaded my activities since september.
My signature reflects a decay for TP (216) and for LTP (163) . I understand the process but the endurance workouts are based on a % of LTP.
My VT1 is around 180-190W (estimated with talk test and HR). And i usually cap my workouts with HR and talk test.
I read that i could upgrade my signature. I tried it : if i fix TP at 236 , TP is 278

my question is : which is the best option ( the lowest impact on Xert) : leave the calculated values of TP (and do workouts over LTP) or update TP once a week .

I would set the decay setting to ‘no decay’ during base, assuming you have good data history in the system. Generally no need to manually tweak things
Instructions and explanation here
You can either do a new BT effort to get the right starting point (preferred if it’s been a while) or go back and save your last breakthrough (after enabling no decay)

Thank you for the answer and the link .
I had not found this page yesterday
I will just choose the last activity with “correct signature” and lock it.

Another question ?
Is there any difference in “PreBase Phase” and “Continuous improvement”. I dont see any

How long ago was your last BT event as indicated under your account name at
Is that the activity you used to modify the signature?

As @wescaine mentions if you don’t plan on generating any BT events during Base you can change the Decay Method to No Decay and your signature will float up/down based only on training load changes.

Pre-base: there is no specific guidance used for the Focus of your training; the advisor simply offers a wider variety of workouts that are near your Athlete Type.
Also see this thread –
Continuous/ prebase - General - Xert Community Forum (

my last BT was Su ,Oct 30
I used a more recent activity with an equivalent signature . I’ve set DECAY to NO DECAY
My workout today 90’, pure endurance 4X15’ 185w , just under the new LTP and HR and talktest within the expected range
The ratio FAT CARB was 91 - 37
Everything seems to be OK to continue my base phase.
I don’t plan a BT before 4 or 6 weeks;
Thanks a lot for your help