base training but threshold going down,

Hi, have just join up to xert. looking forward to getting a better understanding of it. I began a base training phase about 6 weeks ago and at the time i estimate mty ftp was around 280w, so I’m due for a ftp test next week (although with xert i was thinking i don’t need to do a formal test??) but according to xert my ftp has actually dropped a few watts! will exert take into account the coming rest week? after which I’m assuming an increase of at least 10w. or will the drop in training this week result in exert telling me my ftp has dropped again?

Over on Facebook, I asked the community whether Xert should predict your TP and other fitness signature values or base TP on proven tests and the majority of users said that fitness should be based on tested values. To enable this, Xert must have a faster decline in fitness signature parameters than what is expected. This is so that we can allow you to post a breakthrough and get a new signature. During base training, this is a bit more challenging as it doesn’t happen over the course of training and riding and thus requires that you push yourself every now and again to reset your signature values. Luckily, it doesn’t mean doing an FTP test but it does mean that you’ll need to reach your limit so that Xert can obtain your numbers.