Base Phase


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Is that time of the year yet? :grinning:


That ship has sailed - well into my build phase :grin:

What is your advice regarding ramp rates during the base phase?

For instance, can the ramp rate be lifted due to the lower quantity of high intensity riding? If an aggressive ramp rate is selected, would the guide of a 3-4 week block followed by a rest week still be appropriate?

How does the initial training load level affect how the base phase is tackled? I’m particularly interested in recommendations for what to do when starting off with a very low training load.

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Optimal ramp rate during base really depends on your goals and is quite individual. For example, if you’re able to ride outside, it’s generally easier to add a lot of endurance rides and have a higher ramp rate that way compared to riding mostly indoors. If you’re doing that, you probably don’t really need a traditional 3 weeks on with a rest week, since you’re not really straining your HIE/PP despite the rapid ramp rate. I’ve found that, when loading up on long endurance rides outdoors, I’ll sometimes see my form go to red, but it’ll recover to blue by the next day. If you do harder intensity workouts, the yellow/red will stay longer. In general, if you use the planner, you should be fine to push yourself whenever your form goes to blue/green and not worry about specific rest weeks.