Base Phase - Endurance - LTP

Would it be correct to keep my power at base phase at LTP and not exceed TP, but should not go bellow LTP?

Generally, anything under TP is okay for base phase (and dont be afraid to pick a workout with some intensity if your freshness if blue/green). The goal during base phase is to maximize your Low Training Load, which can be perfomed by low intensity volume sprinkled in with some high intensity (which can either keep the high/peak systems from decaying too much, or used to accelerate low XSS).

Hello Scott, I updated my fitness signature today and thought that ratio between LTP and TP will drop from current 83%. But when I looked at fitness signature chart, I saw, that my LTP increased exactly same as TP, so TP is now 33W higer, but as LTP increased too, it is still 83% of TP. My question is, do you think is it correct, that I can do my endurance at 83% of TP, or would you recommend me to do some other breakthrough workout - maybe with longer duration 20min +? thank you

Congrats on the BT! Your PP adjustment is very helpful for the system getting a more accurate signature. I suspect your current signature is quite close. A slightly longer effort than today’s would help the system really determine the relationship between TP and HIE. Something like 30s on 15s off (Ronnestad’s) until you can’t continue is usually pretty good to ensure we get the correct value for HIE and TP. Otherwise, a longer steady-state ride above TP until you feel like you cant hold it, followed by 10s sprint with everything you have left works really well too. But 83% TP isn’t terrible surprising… I believe mine is around 84%.

thank you Scott, I think myPP will go a bit higher when have chance to try it outside as sprint on trainer is not same as outside. I will try Ronestad in a few days - Iam not sure : am i suppose to ride it on erg mode?

I might be wrong, but does a 33 Watts increase in TP generally not mean that your signature was off?

Something like Ronnestad should be difficult to complete in any mode.
You could start in ERG mode and see how hard the first set goes, then switch to resistance mode for second or third set (if you get that far).
For BT workouts I think resistance mode gives you the best chance to max things out, especially if you have doubts about your signature settings.

Are you in base phase because you just started to train and want to see how Xert works with a goal date set 120 days out?
Or are you already trained at some level and switching to Xert from another platform?

Bingo. Also, resistance mode really allows us to see HOW you fatigue when riding at your limit, which is almost more important/valuable to us than how long you can hold XYW watts.

I have not ridden a bike properly since September, so my fitness is very low now (was not much better before :laughing:). I still have ending subscription of Cycling Analytics (had TP too) and I have new yearly subscription of Todays plan, which has great analyzing tools. I read Cyclist’s Training Bible by Joe Friel, Training and Racing with powermeter by Coggan and Hunter and some other books, so have some basic knowledge about traditional way of training. But Xert interested me and I am curious if it can works (and starting believe that it could.) I dedicated lot of time to understand its functionality last couple of weeks to understand it and be able to use it in training this year. I like climbs, but chose GC specialist (it can be changed later). When weather gets better I want to start with endurance workouts. I just still doubt, if xert higher intensity for endurance training are correct - ltp is 83% of my TP, but according to traditional training, endurance should be perform at 56-75% and my lactate test LT1 (2mmol)was at about 65% of FTP last year. But am decided to follow XATA recommendation to find out.