Back to Xert, I need some help for scheduling training :)

Hey athletes! I have a small question… I have been using other platforms for the past months, I am back to Xert as I believe is a superior platform.
I explain my issue: I am a pilot and some days I am out of home. I still train but I do only endurance, I can’t do intensity on a gym spin bike :slight_smile:
I would like to force AI to not plan intensity days when I sleep away from home. What I did now is replace the ride AI was planning with a plain endurance ride. Doing like this will the platform recalculate training load and assign harder rides when I leave autonomy on the calendar? I appreciate your help!

Yes, the high intensity workouts will be scheduled later if you do it like that. You need to use the adapt forecast button to update the plan. Also note that you might want to pin your endurance workouts, or they will be replaced when you adapt.