Back to Adaptive Training Advisor?

Hi there,

I have used Xert only for a couple of months and I am just a trained, not competitive user. I was using Adaptive Training Advisor for an event in mid June. I tried XFAI beta when it came, but after a time i find Adaptive Training Advisor much more useful for me.

The problem is that now I cannot, or I don’t know how to go back to Adaptive Training Advisor for a Target Event Date type of program. How can I go back to Adaptive Training Advisor for my Base-Build-Peak plan?

One of the problems that I find with XFAI. I usually commute by bike and I record this rides. As soon as I record my morning commuting ride, XFAI plan changes and the suggested workout for the day is deleted.


Select Program and change Target Type to 120 Day Program.

I was so easy.

I don’t see a 120 Day Program option, just Target Date, Continous and Challenge. Do you need to click Remove Training Program first? Any time I’ve gone back I only had Continuous Improvement as an option and no chance to specify an event date.

I’ve been spending a bit too much time messing around with FAI, constantly tweaking the Program controls, and wonder if I prefer the simpler of approach of just knowing if I was behind or ahead of my training schedule with the XATA swingometer, rather having it all mapped out ahead of me in the planner. Just being able to go out and ride without worrying about following a calandar plan was one of the main attractions of Xert for me. If XATA included similar gauges for High and Peak strain then I’d probably go back.

Program, Target Date, Target Type = 120 Day Program (not Goal or Event).

Ok, thanks. I see it now. I’m sticking with FAI though! That’s if I survive all these high intensity days coming my way. :grinning: