Average speed = 0 km/h?


I changed the fields on the data pages on the Android EBC app, but one doesn’t work: the average speed, which is locked at 0 km/h. All the other fields in relation with the speed are OK (current speed, distance, time elapsed), all the other fields are OK too (power, HR, Xert special fields - MPA/MMP/TTE/…).
Is there something that needs to be enabled/activated for the average speed field to work (GPS and BT are ON) ?

What sensors do you have under speed? Those it turn blue?

“Speed from GPS”. Sure, it turns blue, and it gives my current speed. The app records the distance as well as the time elapsed, so I guess that calculating the average speed shouldn’t be that hard…

That’s the same setting as me. I agree with you, that it should be working.

Maybe a ticket requesting support might be your best chance to solve this.

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