Average power discrepancy

I just finished a 1 hour ride on zwift using a xert workout. On xert my avg power is showing as 132w. My avg watts on strava from the zwift ride show 147w. That’s a huge discrepancy. The 147w is correct and the 132w on xert is incorrect.

Why is there this massive difference?
I’ve also noticed that the duration is also incorrect.

The average power is also correct on my Trainerroad account.

Xert counts even your stops to elapsed time, strava 59:59, xert 01:06:41. I did not calculated it, but I bet, its what makes that difference


oh does it? okay that maybe explains it then - thanks Danny

Correct. Xert’s averages count all time, including any stops/pauses (whether the device is physically paused or not). This is needed to calculate MPA.

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Perfect thanks Scott.

You’ll find with Xert that averages just don’t tell the full story. We care more about the second-by-second data rather than the mean power over a period of time :slight_smile:

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That makes sense.