Availability "> 4 Hours" confusing

Today (Feb 2) I have set the availability constraint to “4 Hours” (Flex), and the calendar shows that allocated 175 XSS will fit:

However, if I change the availability constraint to “> 4 Hours” (Flex), I see this is violating the constraint (I need to press Ctrl R to refresh the page before this is shown):

If I run adapt, the activity is change to 0 XSS / rest day.

I have talked with support previously to understand what “> 4 Hours” (Flex) is supposed to mean. My understanding was that it was not supposed to indicate at least 4 hours, but really just unlimited duration. If so, a 3 hour ride should be okay.

But here it looks like the constraint actually means rest day or a big ride. If this is the case, I think the naming should be clearer.

@ManofSteele Can you please share your thoughts?