Automatically selected workouts won’t stick

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Sorry to ask such a rookie question but I can’t find an answer to my question. I have taken some time off from training due to work/kids. Coming back to training, I noticed my automatically workouts won’t stay selected. It always selects a high intensity workout. Even if my stars are red. I have been back on the bike for just one week. Is the reason why it’s not selecting a proper workout because I have only been in the bike for a week? Any suggestions would be great. I am using the IOS app.

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If you mean automatically selected workouts added to the Planner, those workouts have a start time which defaults to the As Of time under Goals which is 11:59pm.
When you run EBC the app will only show the selected workout when the app is started within 30 minutes of that Start time. You can edit the start time on the Planner by viewing the workout from the Planner.

You do need to accumulate a week+ of data before a pattern is established for XATA.

Thank you for your response. What I meant to say is I am getting back into training and I want the IOS app to auto select a workout for me. When turning on this feature in the app I notice that the selection I made doesn’t stay selected. My stars are red but Xert is recommencing me a high Intensity workout. I then go back to the setting where you can turn on automatically selected workouts and I noticed it’s turned off. Does it make sense?

it would probably help if you posted an image of the section you are meaning.

The Training page on the iOS app includes a small section of XATA from XO (
For details you should visit XO and post a snapshot of the Training page from there.
This will provide the info we need to explain XATA’s current recommendations. However, as mentioned you need sufficient training load data established before XATA kicks in properly.
See: Returning to Training after a Break – Xert (

If you only intend to use your phone to access Xert, I suggest you bookmark XO on the Safari browser and view the site in desktop mode as that will provide the best experience (XATA details, chart views, Planner functions, etc.). The phone app offers limited functionality.

The Automatic option in the iOS app refers to a prior setting on XO that was subsequently replaced by Suggest a workout. My guess is the toggle in the app won’t stick since there is no longer a corresponding option on XO. However, there’s no need to use that function. When enabled the routine randomly selected from the top four recommended workouts displayed in the app or on XO. You can just as easily pick one you like best or more importantly use Filter to vary duration, focus, etc. before selection.

This feature was deprecated from Xert, but the toggle hasn’t been removed in the app yet. It’s been added to the backlog for the next iOS update.

Note that Xert EBC will still show the top 4 recommended workouts upon starting up the app (also note that pulling down in the train tab will refresh/update the training recommendations). From there, you can simply pick one of the top recommendations from the list! In fact, the setting you’re looking to enable just randomly selected one of the top 4 :slight_smile:

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I am really sorry for not posting an image. I am pretty new here.

This is good advice! Thank you for taken the time to reply. Maybe my training load is too low right now.

Thank you for explaining this. My only issue is now Xert only recommends high intensity workouts. Even when I have a red or yellow star. I know Xert is telling me to get my lazy butt going but this is rediculous :rofl:

Shouldn’t be recommending HIIT when training status is red/Very Tired. What happens if you pull down to refresh the training recommendations? You should be seeing Active Recovery recommendations.

If you’re still seeing strange results, send a note to support team so we can look into it!

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Thank you for your response. Yes, when I refresh the page it still suggests HIT workout.