AutoGen vs Suggested workouts

What is the point of AutoGen? I assume it is to get the perfect workout for right now but I just tried it and it looks nothing like the Suggested “Dance with the Devil” although does look a lot closer to what ATA is saying

Autogen = create a simple workout that matches recommended XSS ratio (low, high, peak) for the day when a suitable workout is not found in the library. For example, there are few one-diamond workouts or workouts longer than 2 hours.
Autogen is also useful when you want a simple workout to ride outdoors whether you decide download to your head unit or ride from memory (ex, X intervals at approx. X watts for X secs with 5-minute RIBs (rest-in-between).

Position on recommended list doesn’t mean that is necessarily your best workout for the day.
There will be several suitable options to choose from and if not, you can run Autogen for a closer match.

Autogen Workout – Xert (
Training Suitability – Xert (

Did you have a filter set by chance? Sometimes users mistakenly set a filter and see harder/unexpected workouts “recommended”.

If you see this again, be sure to post screenshots. Better yet, send it into support so that we can login to your account and investigate.

(Edit) Could also be due to being on a trial. There are limited workouts that are available.

I was in Trial at the time. I have since paid some money :slight_smile: