Auto-planner - probably been said before

Hi, I’m still new to this and I know Xert works differently but it would be great if the planner could have some kind of auto plan feature (see like Zihi).

What I mean by this is somehow I can say in this week my preferred days are X, y and Z, my available hours on each day are A, B and C, and have it autopopulate workouts for a given period (or whole plan)…even just a week…that will hit your XSS goal. Added benefits would be ability to set it for individual weeks (but an apply all so you don’t have to do every week seperately), set holiday weeks and more. Ideally it would then adapt to feedback or other rides you do.

The reason I suggest this is having transitioned from another platform that does this, I have noticed that now using Xert I am much more prone to skipping a workout and I think its because nothing is in the calendar. I.e. I need to go into XATA, see what it recommends and try to make that time in the day or filter it down and it requires a lot of decisions vs if I have something recommended for next Wednesday I will probably say “I need to make time to ride on Wednesday for that”

I know it can be done with the planner and filters but it feels quite clunky.