Auto-estimate Heart Rate parameters

In the profile XERT has the option to auto-estimate heart rate parameters. As other parameters also the resting HR and the maximum HR are not fixed values, but can move in both directions by certain influences (age, training, sickness, etc.). Instead of providing an estimation, I have the impression that XERT simply uses the lowest value in history as resting HR and the highest value for maximum HR. Could you confirm this?

In my personal case, especially the max HR is an issue. The value seems much too high at present (we are all not getting younger, right?) and messes up the derived data from rides without powermeter.
It would be helpful if XERT would really auto-estimate the heart rate parameters by taking into account the age and recent training history.
Thank you for your input!

Note the help tip mentions this –

To fine-tune the algorithm to better reflect your current resting and maximum heart rate values, disable Auto-estimate Heart Rate parameters and key in your resting and maximum heart rate values directly.

When you do that a recalculation occurs for all activities on file using HRDM.
It is also more accurate if the activities missing power data include cadence.

Reference –
Heart Rate Derived Metrics – Xert (

How could this ever auto estimate a resting heart rate? I don’t think I’ve ever recorded an activity that starts from my true resting rate

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With enough data modeling you can estimate anything. :slight_smile:
I don’t remember what the original estimates were, but they weren’t that far off.
Also consider Xert’s orginal research was HR based.

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