Athlete type?

I want to participate at a ride in jule (corona??) with more than 4000 altimeters. Now my athlete type is GC Specialist. Do I change it to climber?

How long is the ride and how is the climbing done? Is it hilly terrain like in the Ardennes, or does it have two or three big climbs, like in the Marmotte?

If the former, depending on your goals, GC Specialist is fine, or Puncheur maybe. If the latter, you may want to look at Climber, since you will be coasting downhill about half of the ride and you need to enhance your climbing abilities.

Perhaps you could stay in the GC specialist type but search out climber workouts instead of following the advice of the advisor? I forget exactly where I read that that strategy was an option, but it’s somewhere in the Xert Blog. Good luck on your ride!

Thanks for the answer and the suggestion.