Athlete type

Hi im training for a 112 mile time trial reasonably flat ride. I live in a hilly area and also want to improve my climbing times. Would selecting somewhere between endurance and gc specialist be the best option for me?

Hi Elliot, the GC Specialist (8 min W/kg) Athlete Type offers more variation in workouts compared to the others, so it’s a great one to choose. However, the best thing you can do is to understand the demands (Focus) of your 112 mile TT, and select the corresponding Athlete Type to ensure you’re preparing correctly. If it ends up being a long Focus - like Time Triallist (1hr Pwr) - you could choose an Athlete Type with a slightly shorter Focus Duration. e.g. GC Specialist or Climber (10 min W/kg). But if the Focus of the TT is much shorter - like Puncheur (4 min W/kg) - you’ll be fine.