Athlete Type: XC Mtn Bike Racing

Hello, I performed a search for Mtn Bike Athlete type for XC racing but it returned no result.

What type of athlete is best for XC Mtn Bike racing. The races are 55-75 min on average depending upon the course.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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Hi Alan,

Have you uploaded any of your older Xc MTB races into Xert? If so, check out what the Focus duration of those events were, and that should tell you what athlete type you should be considering to prepare for your event.

If I had to guess, I’d say something like Rouleur or Breakaway Specialist would likely be good choices to start with. Note that it will also partially depends on the nature of the course (technical vs flowy, relatively flat vs lots of climbing or short, punchier hills, etc).

Maybe we have some other XC MTB’ers that could share some insight for us!

Thank you. I have never had a power meter on my mtn bike, until next week. I am primarily road, but no race mtn bikes too. I suspect you are right, 5-6 min power with lots of punches.

My XC rides tend to be rated as puncheur by Xert, but it will depend on the terrain in your trails /race course.

As someone who mixes on and off road, Puncheur feels about right to me.

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