Athelete Type Selection

What is the best way to determine your athelete type when using Xert? Do you select the type based on what you believe you are, or do you select your type based on what you want to be? Im just a little confused as to the best way to set myself up, and then identify my weaknesses and plan for moving towards strengthening these weaknesses. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thx

There are several ways to setup your Athlete Type. Some simply like to track what they are best at, like 20 minute power for example. They would set it at Sprint Time-Triallist. Others may look at a race file and see that the Focus for the race was Rouleur. They may want to train and track how well they perform at 6 minute power. Sometimes you may see a weakness, like your ability to sprint and so may set it to Power Sprinter so you can see how well you are doing on improving in that athlete type category. Many seem to set it the up first way, but the second way is likely the best.

Thank You. I think I understand and thats the way I was reading it.