Athelete type gone?

Before AI forecest was implemented I could switch athelete type to century rider, now it seems this option is gone. I removed forecest and switched back to continous improvment but still I cant switch to anything bellow sprint time trialist. Were the other types removed or something is bugged on my account?

I have the same issue

Unfortunately, those rider types, although they have good names like “Century Rider” and “Time Triallist”, the system didn’t structure their training as effectively and the other rider types would work better for these athlete types so we removed them.

Whether you ride a 1-hour TT or a 2-hour Century ride, there will be times when your intensity goes above threshold and your Focus will no longer be 1 hour or 2 hour duration effort. A TT or Century Rider is more likely to be a Polar Climber, for example, with smaller but important amount of high-intensity and peak-intensity still needed for the efforts. No one rides a century and never goes above TP. Or perhaps you do and have no fun. :smile:

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A TT or Century Rider is more likely to be a Polar Climber

There is no the Polar Cimber in Athlete Type. Only the Climber. What would you recommend to set instead of TT, Century Rider and Triathlete?

Climber or Sprint Time-Triallist. Personally, I wouldn’t go with Sprint Time-Triallist unless you are intentionally looking to reduce/limit your anaerobic power. There are some race demands where this is an advantage.

If you switch to Target Date, you can also choose the Specificity.

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Ahh, is this why all of the sudden I seem to be only getting polar/mixed climber type workouts recommended to me now? My goal type is sprint TT. Before the change I would get recommended a lot more threshold and over/unders.