Are two gears better than twenty-two?

Apparently you go faster when you don’t have too many choices. :laughing:

Riding here today –

With this unplanned mod –

And these results on Strava –

Just kidding. I don’t monitor Strava segments but thought it was funny what happens when you are stuck with big ring/small ring as your only option. No doubt I usually ride the route in cruise-control mode. It seems Strava segments are a bit arbitrary and meaningless to some degree.

It’s a good thing I had a rubber band in my seat bag or I would have been stuck on the 11t cog unless there’s another simple way to pick a gear.



When life gives you lemons you do lemonade? :thinking: I bet you overloaded the lemonade with carbs!

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I’ve talked to Coach Steve Neal on this many times and it’s not uncommon for a rider to see better performance when gear choices are restricted like in riding a single speed. There is better self-regulation of power.

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