Are all the Xert Mobile workouts Smart-ish?

I did the 2x20 sweet-spot under fatigue @82% yesterday with xert mobile app running the kickr… Bad enough as it is, don’t think I didn’t notice the interval time INCREASING when I soft pedaled…or maybe ran out of steam…took me an extra 3 minutes to get through that workout…especially the middle interval! Thanks for the suffering. Anyway, was I hallucinating that?

If the duration for that interval is listed as a percent of MPA then I would expect it to be ‘smart’. That one lists the “Intervals under Fatigue” as a duration of “70% Reserve MPA”, so you’ll need to bring your MPA down to that point for it to consider the interval to be complete. If it listed the interval duration as Absolute Time (20:00 minutes), than its just that, by time only.

I ran into this doing the Xert Quick Signature Test last night. On the third of the four high-power intervals I started to ramp up the power a bit before my ‘rest’ interval was done. The rest interval was to 99% MPA, and I got above TP and was bringing MPA down again before I should have, it extended the interval quite a bit until I properly recovered my MPA.

You can’t cheat on Xert Smart Workouts.

Thanks Ian. You’re right. But note that we will be updating Xert Mobile to work more like the Xert Player for CIQ in the next release. The Xert Player isn’t as strict about reaching MPA and instead opts to speed up / slow down time only by 2x / 0.5x. So the next time, at the end of your interval if you start your sprint too early, the last few seconds will take twice at long but the interval will still end. You you’ll be able to cheat but not completely. :slight_smile: