Approximately how many hours/week for competitive, elite, pro level training status?

Approximately how many hours/week do one have to accumulate to get toe the competitive, elite and pro level training status? I know that training load that drives this metric is a combination of booth the workouts effort and time and so on, but can anyone give some approximation?

You are right, it depends. I suspect to get to the really high training loads you need to do a lot of low intensity riding, where you are likely to have an XSS per hour of maybe 60 to 70 for the week if riding outdoors. (Even the ‘under fatigue’ endurance workouts are quite taxing, so would be very difficult to average XSSR towards 100 for a week).

So if pro level is TL > 150 (XSS per day) you are looking at 2 to 2.5hrs per day on average. Mine is only around 2 stars; maybe someone like @Cyclopaat with a high TL can share real world experience… or you can look at your own XSS/day (weekly stats) and scale the hours to get to 150 XSS/day

Ok great! Thank you.

I have no life :joy:

Seriously, I was trying to figure out an answer, but as mentioned, it depends on time and intensity.

My current TL is around 200, but I spend most time in zones 3 and 4, or SS. Not everyone can sustain that kind of stress and frankly, I’m hitting my limits.

On average, I have spent some 20+ hours/week on (bike) training lately…

Nice :+1: Thank you