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Wie wird Apple TV aktualisiert ? Habe die Zwift App drauf, hier wird aber kein Workout angezeigt das ich in den Ordner Zwift Workouts geladen habe.
Wie muss ich vorgehen?


Was the ZWO placed into /Workouts/###### where ###### is your Zwift ID sub-folder?
How to load Xert workouts to Zwift – Xert (

You have to install Zwift on PC and then copy the workout file to Zwift->Workouts->Folderwithsomedigits
This then syncs to all installations on any device you log in

Das kannst nur am PC machen, ist bei Zwift grundsätzlich so. Den Ordner, in den das .zwo file kopiert werden muss, findest unter Zwift -> Workouts -> da in den Ordner mit der Nummer
Das synchronisiert sich dann mit allen Installationen von Zwift auf all deinen Geräten

In addition, I think you just need to restart the AppleTV after following the steps in the article shared by @ridgerider2 . That forces a sync. If that fails you may need to first start the Zwift app on your PC to force the sync (and then close it), then restart AppleTV.

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IMO, it’s far better to run the workout from an Xert workout player & simply record power/cad/HR in Zwift. Much simpler than downloading/uploading files, changing FTP constantly in Zwift, plus you get all the SMART goodies - variable duration/power intervals, curved intervals, etc…

It’s possible with either a Viiiiva HRM or CABLE device, you can pair your sensors seperately in the Xert app (native BLE from sensors) & again on Zwift ATV (with secondary Viiiia/CABLE signal).

That’s also my preferred way. Zwift on AppleTV and big screen. (make sure to uncheck the “controllable” box in the bottom right corner when Zwift pairs the devices!)
Trainer control via xert app on smartphone (linked to the remote player app on my laptop if I feel like it)
Once you have figured it out, this is by far the best setup.
On this note: “no-workout”-mode and lap button in the smartphone app please @ManofSteele :slight_smile:

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Agreed. Best method is XM on your phone with or without Remote Player/Monitor overlay on Zwift.
Details: The Ultimate Guide to Training with Xert and Zwift – Xert (

I presume you’re referring to the iOS app? Best way to free ride for now is select on of the 'Free Ride - Endurance" rides, and switch the trainer mode to slope/resistance. Unfortunately, no immediate plans for lap support at this time.