Apple TV and SMART

am prefer to have landscape view on android/ios ebc for the bar chart so as i don’t need to use remote player browser just for the bar chart.

i do know can zoom out to have a full view on my phone but too compact on portrait view which is the reason i don’t like to use my garmin computer to do workout.

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Just thought I’d chime in to demo how I use things… when doing easier/endurance workouts, I often use the pop-out workout graph and resize it below my web browser as I watch Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Zwift, etc. … Lets me quickly view my progress on the workout at a quick glance while keeping the other content larger.

Here’s an example:

When it comes to hard workouts, I will use the session player full-screen with the MPA/Power Gauges, Workout Charts, & data table on the side. Then blast some music to get me through my intervals :metal:

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I’ve moved on this topic from when I started it requesting ATV nativity - a big dedicated screen is not a good place for the Xert workout screen. My ancient iPad does the job reliably with rock-solid BLE sensor connections and clear display; Xert is the only indoor training app which will run on such basic otherwise- redundant technology. The ATV or laptop runs Zwift or FulGaz events just from the power/cadence/HRM dual feeds, or Netflix etc.

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I have no idea how much time or money is invested in Xert. I also don’t see how that is relevant to this discussion. Maybe they should try some Compound-W for the warts?

Why would a big screen not be a good thing? That makes no sense whatsoever.

See what I mean? Landscape mode is so much nicer!