Apple TV and SMART

I’m loving Xert having had it recommended to me - it’s science, construction, dynamic nature, and community. I also like the fact the player runs on older hardware like my early iPad as well as my iPhone or within Zwift on my Apple TV. However, is there any chance of it being able to run in an app on the Apple TV so that it has full SMART capability? (And to clarify, I mean Xert Player running to the Apple TV.)

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the kind words, and the solid recommendation. It would be pretty neat, wouldn’t it?

We can’t commit to anything on our end at the moment, as it’d be a relatively large time sink for us for a (relatively) small population of users. As discussed in another thread, it may be more appropriate to approach Zwift and see if they’d be interested in embedding/integrating Xert metrics + workouts into their existing app architecture.

Thanks Scott, let’s see if they respond as I’ve reached out to them on Twitter. I’ve no idea what he user-base is for Apple TV but I find it really stable and reliable - it just works every time, just like my Polar H10 HRM and Neo 2T. It also has apps for Roucy, RGT, FULGAZ etc. And of course it is also DC Rainmaker’s preferred route to Zwift etc… #justsayin :wink:

PS - working my way through the podcasts but having got to ones explaining focus and polarity so far - they are in there somewhere right?

I run the app from my iphone and have zwift on the appleTV just in the background. The app controls the trainer I like being able to see Focus and MPA. There is a way to overlay the remote workout player over top of Zwift using a laptop to run Zwift and the remote player. Here is a link how to do it

Thanks Dave; I’ve got a handle on those bits. It’s more about trying top get native Zwift support or a full Xert Player app for the Apple TV like many other programmes offer.

The last published podcast episode is all about FOCUS :slight_smile:

Thanks Scott - is that episode 21?