App barfs. try to resume, doesn't work, android

I’m pretty annoyed…I’ve had a few instances where I start a workout, today like 1.5 hours in, it stops…nothing happens. I can see my hr. But the time isn’t moving forward. I try to ‘resume’. it doesn’t work. then at some point all the things pop up, connecting…and I can’t resume…The only option I have is to exit.

Any advice? If it keeps going like this I just can’t use the app to record, I’ll end up chucking my phone out the window.


EBC version
Indoors on a trainer or outdoors? If indoors, what trainer model?
Which BLE sensors are paired?
What phone model?
What does “all the things pop-up” refer to?
Can you take a screenshot when problem occurs?

Best to send a request to the support team for issues like this - include some screenshots of any issue(s) you’re encountering too. Someone will be happy to help you from there!


What Scott said.

As per our troubleshooting guidance, often a restart of the app can help when the Android is unable to manage its resources and interrupts a recording. Close our app (either a swipe or tap to open the app view … depends on the phone) and other apps too that you don’t need and restart EBC. It will automatically resume recording where you left off and you should not lose any data.

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