Anyway to extend the phases?

Just heard the inevitable news that ride London is cancelled which means my event date to aim for is no more.

While I still plan to continue training, there is now no rush for me to push up my mileage as quick now and id like to complete a slower ramp up of the hours and mileage I do on the bike which doesn’t really fit with xert’s model.

Is there anyway to extend out the phases to give a longer base and build period? I like the way the algorithm is working for me currently (although have learned the hard way this week about building in my own recovery phases) so don’t want to move out the event date and end up back in pre base but want to now take a bit more time to ramp up the hours to stop my back issue reoccurring than is given by the plan.

I’m assuming this is probably now outside the realms of possibility for this and my only option is to move my date out and make it up myself in pre base or keep to the programme and knock the date out every time I feel it’s starting to ask too much?

You could move the target day by a few weeks when you get to the end of base and then do the same when you get close to the end of build. Whether you really want to do that is another question.


Since you are new to Xert I would suggest leaving your TD as is (mid August?) and experience all the phases as designed.
You’ll be fit and prepared for any pop-up events that may occur later this year.

I’m currently completing about 5.5-6 hours a week with a recovery week built in when my legs no longer want to pedal with any power which is more than the base requires but what the XATA is giving me which is fine and I’m only getting a couple of niggles from the prolapsed disk, my concern is that if I continue to increase that in line with the current plan that my back will blow again.

When ride London was the aim I didn’t mind as I could use pain killers to get me through and knew that after August I could put my bike away and allow a month or two of recovery knowing I’d done a blooming awesome event. Now that’s not on the horizon I’m wondering whether I should take it a bit easier and try to build up my core strength a little more alongside it to prevent what I feel was going to be the inevitable blow up after the big ride.

I know 6 hours riding isn’t a lot for most people but for me, having come back from not being able to ride my road bike at all, it’s still quite a bit to do in a week hence wondering if I could extend out each section to give more time to get used to each increase. Sounds like Mike’s way might be what I need to do if I find it’s getting too much.

6 hours is plenty. :slight_smile:
You should feel free to adjust your IR as needed (up or down) especially with an injury like that to consider.

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