Anyone seeing disconnects between EBC and web player?

In the past week or two, Ive started experiencing frequent instances where the EBC continues tracking my session, but the web player data freezes (the video playback continues). I’m running the iOS EBC and the webplayer in Chrome on an M1 MacBook Air. After a few seconds to a few minutes, the web player catches up. Oddly, this only seems to happen when Chrome is in full-screen. I cannot rule out a wifi problem, but I’m running a mesh network with strong signals to both phone and laptop, and I tried rebooting and reconnecting the devices, the router, and the mesh network.

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Yes, I have noticed some sessions lately where the workout chart isn’t keeping up with EBC.
The vertical transition bars are usually correct, but the underlying interval block isn’t in sync and aligns sporadically. Zoom Mode is also slow to respond.
EBC on the other hand is running fine so the workout plays normally.
I am also running full screen browser on Edge/Windows 10 with video box in overlay mode. Will have to test what happens if I switch to embedded and/or exit full screen.

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Haven’t had any support requests for this recently.

Try another device (on an iPad or even your phone) and see if you experience the same issue there too. If not, could be something relating to your MacBook.

More information: I can confirm that it makes no difference whether the browser is full-screen or windowed, I get dropouts either way. When the web player drops out, all the data fields and the vertical progress line on the chart freeze, and the video slows to a crawl as if I had stopped pedaling. The EBC continues to track everything as normal. After approximately 30 seconds, the web player data and video jump ahead to catch up with the EBC. Sometimes, the web player immediately freezes again, but more often continues for several minutes before freezing again. Next time, I will try running the web player on my iPad and see if it happens regardless of device.

Looks like maybe this got fixed in the recent update? I got through a session with no freezes. It did seem that the interval between seconds in the countdown timer was constantly changing, but never freezing and then jumping ahead. Perhaps that was simply SMART workout behavior, though I haven’t noticed that happening throughout the entire workout before.