Any way to just add a workout file to a Garmin Edge head unit?

I just signed up today and tried my first workout this evening but had to just ride because I couldn’t get it to work. The Garmin IQ Player froze multiple times. Initial set up was bike with power meter on rollers, Macbook with player open, Edge 830 connected to phone. Set up went fine, credentials were taken, but the workout froze after about two minutes. I tried this several times, restarting the head unit, closing/reopening the player window on the laptop, etc. Still no dice. I figured the behavior may have been a result of a slow Internet connection. So - I killed the player on the macbook and tried again, and again the player (on the head unit) froze. I then restarted my phone. Connect IQ player said I was offline (because it was not connected to my phone) but allowed me to start the workout. Again it froze. All freezes occurred within the first three minutes of me attempting the workout. This is very frustrating. I’ve searched but there does not appear to be an easy way to just add the workout to the head unit, i.e., you have to use the player. I’m not real interes ted in paying $15 a month or whatever it is to run the workouts through Zwift. Browsing the forums and the Facebook group suggests there is some inherent instability with the Garmin IQ app. My initial excitement has turned to frustration. Please help.

Hi Andrew,

Do you have any other ConnectIQ apps installed, besides the Xert apps?

You can export the workouts as a tcx file in the workout designer. Note that you will lose the “Smart” duration intervals, and the curved intervals also will be exported as a straight interval (or as a slope running from starting interval power to end interval power - forgive my bad memory, it’s been a while since I’ve tested with this). HTH

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the reply. I do have a couple. Should I delete them?

With the TCX file - I have to place that directly on the head unit by connecting it to my computer? I messed around with the file export types last night and couldn’t figure out a way to import it to Garmin connect.

My assumption is the head unit has to communicate with Xert’s servers consistently. My kids were streaming stuff upstairs and our WiFi speed isn’t the best. This is why I closed the player. I saw someone else mention that they removed their wifi connection from the head unit, forcing it to communicate via their phone (which I can take off and force to use LTE). I may try this today.

Thank you.

Yeah, try deleting them and see if that resolves the issue with the player freezing. If those apps are trying to access background services while our app is running, that may be causing our app to freeze. Also try disabling WiFi and see if that resolves the issue. Its difficult for us to determine the exact cause, because it’s not the case for every unit. For example, I have WiFi enabled on my Edge 1000 and haven’t run into this issue.

Re: exporting workouts… you’ll want to export the workout as a .tcx, and drag/drop them into the Garmin/NewFiles folder of your device (when it’s plugged into your computer). Once you reboot, you should see the workout in the list of workouts on your device. I don’t believe there is a way to import these workouts to the web/Garmin Connect yet. Cheers!

Thanks, Scott!

Hey - just wanted to follow-up for those that browse the forum. I deleted MyEdge2 data field and the app worked flawlessly. It sounds like both MyEdge 2 and Xert rely on background services, and both running at the same time caused the issues. w00t!