Any Tips for Comparing TSS to strain?

Just trying to get the workouts from Xert into a more traditional TSS based training plan that I am already doing. Right now I just import the ERG into trainerroad to get a TSS, which works unless the intervals go over 300% TP.

We don’t yet provide a way to translate TSS/NP/IF to Xert metrics. We are considering implementing similar concepts but there are some fundamental differences in approaches. TSS/NP/IF are based on averages whereas strain is based on work performed - stop pedalling and your strain stops increasing, for example. What you might want to try is to take a handful of previous workout’s TSS values from TrainingPeaks or other software and compare it to the strain from Xert and look for a pattern that matches how you perform. I suspect you’'ll find some patterns that could be useful. If you happen to find something notable, please do share.

A formula that you can try that actually appears to work well is Strain/FTP*100. Could argue that it may even be a better reflection of the training stress to use in a PMC. :wink: