Any difference in syncing via Strava or Garmin Connect?


I am using Garmin Connect and it pushes all my data to Strava. I found that enabling both Strava and Garmin Connect with Xert creates double entries for every ride. Is there any downside for syncing with Strava only and not with Garmin Connect? I read that Strava does not pass on the original FIT file. Is any data lost by using the Strava path?

Ok, I think I can answer my own question. I deleted all my activities and recreated them by uploading the original Garmin FIT files.

Uploads by Strava only contain basic data streams. (cadence, power, speed, GPS, etc.)

Uploads via Garmin Connect / original FIT file contain ALL data streams that the Garmin Edge records. This includes data that is created by apps and thus is essential for the Xert Workout Player. The Workout Player creates additional data streams that are needed to identify the workout and overlay task data with actual cycling data.

Thanks for this, Till! You’re spot on…