Ant+ sensors etc

Curious as to how one would set up the workout player? Does the online version work or just Android?

Today, you need either a compatible Garmin or an Android phone. You install our apps on them and configure your sensors. You can use the Garmin datafields during activity recording. You can use our Workout Player app to run our workouts. On Android, you can do use our app as a bike computer and/or as a workout player. Both workout players work standalone or with the Remote Player which shows you your workout on screen.

I find the Remote Player unusable due to the considerable lag in updating data on the remote screen. A better solution would be to have the Workout Player run directly under Windows.

Are you using a Garmin or Android?

Garmin. Will try with Android.

Yeah, the Garmin has a bit of a delay. We’re looking to address that with Garmin’s help. The Android’s delay is almost instantaneous.

Using Android the browser remote screen lags by 1 or 2 seconds behind the android app screen. This is OK for most workouts. Thanks for your prompt responses.

Of course, some of this depends on the overall network connectivity. Our server is quite responsive but you may a few additional places where delays can occur.