Ant+ Dropouts

Hello, I have a second problem. I control my Neo with a Huawei P9 and Ant+ dongle.

Unfortunately it happens every time that after 20min there are Ant+ dropouts and the coach has to be reconnected.

Then the Erg Mode is off, how can I switch the Erg Mode on again when I am in the workout?

Are you using an ANT+ Plugins Service downloaded from the Google Playstore for your Huawei?


Is it possible to enter Erg Mode again, or does the workout have to be restarted?

The app should not be having any dropouts during your workout. You can try and click the RESTART button, after clicking the timer and check if this resolves the issue. Send an email to if you continue to have any issues and we’ll work with you to make sure everything is working properly for you.

OK, thanks for the perfect support :slight_smile: