Another spectacular ride today - INDOORS

I took a look at XATA today, noted suggested XSS range, focus, and scanned top four workout charts. Then flipped to the Sessions Library and scrolled down to locate something similar.
Found this one — (2) Xert - Sognefjellet Climb (
Beautiful ride. You’ll want to extend the cooldown as the climb is over and you’re on the ridge amongst snow fields by the end.

Kudos to Open Road/Bike the World. They have a superior library of routes compared to FG.

If you haven’t used the Session Library, it takes less than a minute to be up and running.
Find a ride/workout that interests you, click Play Now, start EBC, workout will be pre-selected, Start and enjoy.

You can also schedule a library entry as a public or private group session in a few clicks.
For private you’ll want to setup a community club with members first (ex. ride buddies). They don’t need to be Xert subscribers to join you on the session.

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