Another question about Interval Targets

I see that there already are lots of question on that topic, but the posts I browsed didn’t give me the answer.
So here is my question:
I’m in the base phase, the Adaptive Training Advisor is suggesting me a Focus Type of Endurance (currently 2h20) with Interval Targets of 236W. But about all the workouts which are offered to me, barely reach the 210-220W (for ex., a 3h LSD gives me intervals between 181W and 209W). How am I supposed to do 236W intervals ?

In Base phase only Endurance level workouts will be suggested that range from a focus duration of 20:00 minutes to 3+ hours.
Hover around the 2h20m point on your Power Curve and you’ll see 236W is the approximate target focus for today. This help tip (?) for Focus Type applies –

The last value shown in your Interval Targets . This value provides a rough estimate of the power target you should be looking to maintain during intervals, if you are planning on just riding and not following a workout. The more time you spend at this intensity, the more you are training at the correct focus. Combining efforts above and below this intensity is also effective.

With Base phase in play, any endurance level workout you want to do will suffice, indoors or outdoors.
I treat Endurance target watts as the max for the day. I try not to surge and exceed that number when free riding outdoors. If this results in a ride being classified within the endurance quadrant, you’ve met the goal for the day.

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Yes, I understand that, I already read, multiple times, the FAQ, tips and all of that.
Still, how come is the ATA pushing workouts where the intervals are not even reaching the target ? I’m supposed to maintain that power during intervals if a go free-ride, but if I follow the proposed workouts, I never do any interval at that power ? For ex., I just finished today’s workout (Take me to church - 180), with an average power of 166 W (NP 179 W) and the “hardest” intervals were around 220W totalizing only 8 min (on a 3 h ride). I can’t understand how that is supposed to make me work on my 236 W power ?

That Focus Type / Interval Targets in the Adaptive Training Advisor is meant for just ride / outdoor ride, not for trainer ride nor “workout”.

2nd, the Interval Target is just a rough target W, not a must-reach W.

Try not to overthink and just ride outside near and below the Interval Target, or simply load up any suggested workout and finish it on trainer. Even if you ride above the target interval W briefly, it’s ok as long as the overall Focus align with the suggested Focus Type. It should be that simple.

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