Announcing: Xert Academy Sessions!

For today’s third big announcement – yes, that’s three in one day - is the introduction of Xert Academy Sessions!

Xert Academy Sessions are a unique & interactive educational opportunity for Xert Users. When participating in an Academy Session, members will complete a group workout while simultaneously learning about how Xert works – directly from the Xert Team! Xert Academy will offer a variety of courses, with topics ranging from Fitness Signature & MPA to more advanced topics like signature decay settings & training periodization. You will find these Educational Sessions posted from Xert Academy on the Xert Sessions page with the “Instructional” tag. Hope to see you in an Xert Academy session soon!

—This week’s Xert Academy Sessions—

Mastering Xert 101 – Tuesday 23 Feb 2021 @ 16:00 EST (21:00 GMT)

Mastering Xert 101 – Thursday 25 Feb 2021 @ 16:00 EST (21:00 GMT)

  • Topics covered include: Fitness Signatures, Maximum Power Available, Fatigue & Recovery with SMART Intervals, & Breakthroughs!

To join, click here:

Xert Breakthrough Session – Friday 26 Feb 2021 @ 1300 EST (18:00 GMT)


Are you going to be recording and posting the videos?


In the future, yes.

We’re going to aim to have all the Xert Academy sessions recorded for playback on athlete’s own time (which I think will greatly help reduce the learning curve for new athletes on the system). For now, we’re encouraging athletes to join the sessions live and try the “Sessions” experience out. :slight_smile:

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New to Xert? Or simply want a refresher on some of the basic principles behind Xert? Join my 101 course later this afternoon (1600 EST)!

Can’t make it this week? We’ve already posted two new 101 Sessions for next week!

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Hi, trying to create a test group sessions. I’ve filled in all the details but when I click save I just get an empty grey box appearing and disappearing with no text. The workout doesn’t save in the session list. This is on an iPad.

One more question, on an iPad when joining a group session do you open the XERT app and connect all the sensors and select the group workout. Then you go back into the web browser and run the Session player?

Not sure about your first question (will defer to @ManofSteele) but the second one is easy.
2 hours before the scheduled session you can tap Join and the Session Player will open and display the session you have configured.
On the EBC/Android or iOS app the session will be listed when you start the app within 2 hours of the scheduled time. 30 minutes before start time you can tap Start to warm-up first. It’s recommend you do that in Slope mode at whatever % and gear works best for you.
When the session starts Mode will change back to AUTO and off you go.
Pretty slick stuff IMO.

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Thanks, I think I’ve sorted it all out. Used a new Galaxy tab and everything worked fine. When saving a session it did the same thing but this time appeared in the sessions list. Maybe because I was now within 2 hours of the start time.

Figured out the audio issue (I’ll get zoom installed on that box AND check the login just before event for the zoom link). The call that came in = my finally bailing on today. Signed up again for next week. Also will try Chrome (?) next go at it/

Suggestion –
Link the workout titles in the Sessions list so you can click on them to view details in Workout Designer. Otherwise you have to locate the workout in the library to view the description or details.

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My also have been because creating sessions does not currently work in Safari?

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Next Xert Academy 101 session is posted for next week! Would love to have you join us if you can! The initial feedback has been good & this is a great chance for you to learn some of the basics about Xert! Some more advanced topics will be coming in upcoming sessions as well - keep an eye out on the /Sessions page!

You can join the next Mastering Xert 101 session (Next Friday, 11:00am EST) directly from here:

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Next couple of Mastering Xert Sessions have been posted! Come see what it’s all about!

Mastering Xert 101: Tuesday, April 6 1300 EDT (1900 CEST)
Join here:

Mastering Xert 201: Thursday, April 8 1300 EDT (1900 CEST)
Join here:

Hey gang,

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Mastering Xert 201 course yet, there’s still time this week! We’ll be covering XSS, Focus, Specificity and Training Load & Form. The content is great, and the workout is a nice, easy endurance pace, so come pedal light and learn about Xert at the same time!

Mastering Xert 201: Intermediate Concepts - Thursday, April 15th at 1700 EDT (1400 Pacific)

Academy sessions for next week have already been posted as well. Come learn more about Xert in a fun & exciting way! The feedback has been really positive so far.

Mastering Xert 101 - Tuesday, 20 April 2021 @ 0700 EDT (1300 CEST)

Mastering Xert 201: Intermediate Concepts - Thursday, 22 April 2021 @ 0700 EDT (1300 CEST)

Are the mouseover tooltip summaries new on the XO page? Nice touch. :+1: