Announcing the release of Xert EBC and Xert Sessions!

Hello fellow Xerters!!

I’m sure most of you have probably already seen some of the great new things we’ve been working on. There has been quite of bit of sneak peeking as we tested and worked through issues.

But things are finally ready to go…

Introducing Xert EBC for Hammerhead Karoo and Android!
Xert EBC is the evolution of our Xert Mobile. Now available on Google Play and will also work with your Hammerhead Karoo (both 1 and 2).

Xert EBC is your trusty Xert activity recording and workout playing app on your Karoo / Android that implements all the cool metrics and training capabilities we have. Xert EBC works with our latest Xert Sessions too (see below), making it seamless to start and record your workout sessions. Be sure to try it out if you haven’t already. Initial feedback has been very good.

Karoo EBC 2

For those with a Karoo, the app can be side-loaded. We are working to make it available on a Karoo firmware update in the future.

Introducing Xert Sessions!
Xert Sessions is now ready! A lot has gone into this and more is still to come. You’ll find the link to it under the orange-coloured menu option on the web-based Xert Online app. Here are a couple of links to help explain it:

Starter guide to play sessions
How to create sessions

Here are some key things to note:

  1. You can copy and edit any session you see both for doing them on your own (Solo) or if you’re a member of a community (Group), you can create sessions for your community.
  2. When you join a session, it’ll automatically put it into your calendar for you and will automatically get loaded onto the Xert Player (iOS) or Xert EBC (Android) apps when the scheduled start time arrives.
  3. Copy the Share URL to your clipboard and paste it in your social media, Strava feed or email it out to your riding partners so that they can do it with you. All they need is to click it.

You’ll find that doing workouts with friends or other athletes to be more enjoyable, time will go by faster and you’ll be more motivated to do the harder efforts than before.

Here is an example session where nearly everyone had a breakthrough! Was amazing…

Thanks for all your support! Happy Training!

Armando Mastracci on behalf of the Xert Team


Fantastic news thanks :+1::+1::+1:

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Thanks for all the hard work, these kinds of things have really made a difference in my enjoyment of the platform. I’ve got a few friends I’m hoping will join xert as a result of trying out sessions.

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, this looks fabulous! Can’t wait to put some time into this over the next few days :crazy_face: Looks like your Xertions behind the scenes have paid off. :clap:

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just a thought regarding sessions. Would it be possible to record the session to the Breakthrough labs Podcast then one can combine the video used in the session, the workout and the audio at any time and get the basics? Not the exact same as the actual session but a good second when the session happens outside of your time zone possibilities?

Hi Ron,

It’s certainly a great idea. You guys are so demanding for new features just after we release a whole bunch (sarcasm :wink: ).

We’ve already thought about this and it’s on the Roadmap - just no set ETA. Eventually, we hope to offer the various Xert Academy Sessions separately for users to complete on their own time.



great minds think alike!.. I’ll leave it there :wink:

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Dear Xert-team,
Would you be able to incorporate into the EBC-app such that it handles L/R-power?
Up until now I have been running the sessions from 530 (Xert Player), where I get L/R-power in the fit.file. When I have started using the EBCapp on Android this does not seem to be included.

Not yet – Xert EBC

I have just been beaten through a great Mastering Xert - 101 session by @ManofSteele on a Sony X phone/Android Xert EBC app - only paring device with bluetooth, in an environment there somewhat reminiscent of a data center. And it worked perfectly, as opposed to Ant+ which is often is taken out by interference in my setup. In addition to the technical setup, it is a fantastic and direct way to interact with us, the customers/stakeholders.

I have been using your software since 17 and still learning new things, both about the software and about myself. I don’t think it’s a secret, when I have enticed someone to use your platform, the response is always that there is a lot to learn and understand - a bit like vim on Linux :slight_smile: But this form of learning sessions is a great idea, and hits right there in the steep notch curve. To me it worked perfectly. Looking forward to zoom being integrated… :white_check_mark:


Impressive stuff!!

I really like the transparent overlays build into sessions. I tried to put in a hulu URL but got an error. It would be great if we could put in any URL instead of hardcoded to youtube.

Welcome to the world of Windows and Android! All that power but it’s a total mess to deal with in a setting where you simply need what I would call a “workout appliance” - you know, something that is trivial to configure, starts up almost instantly, and is dead reliable - you know, so you can actually do your workout without dealing with tech aggravations all the time.

Believe it or not, such a device is readily available and a lot less expensive than Windows or Android or Karoo or a fancy new Garmin. Apple TV (aka ATV) is just perfect for this application! If only Xert would build an app that ran on tvOS (the version of Apple’s iOS that runs on Apple TV). Heck, if Xert would simply add support for Landscape mode on the iOS version of the Xert app, one could Mirror an iPhone to ATV and have a much much better experience IMO.

Xert on Windows? No thanks. Windows has many uses but this simply isn’t one of them if you want a good experience.

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