Android XSS Workouts

Are smart workouts (XSS per hour ones) working on Android App? I was trying today to do a Hardness Test, also tried Closer 300 workout, but the app doesn’t decrease/increase the target power (burned my legs), each interval remains constant at highest value (if its an increasing one it’s starts at ending value)
My setup : Ant+ , Xert android app v.3.1.0 (140), OS Miui 11.0.3, Tacx Neo 1.

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Hi Josep,

Are you connected to the Neo for trainer control via ANT FE-C?
It might be best to kindly send a note in to the support team, so we can take a look into it. Cheers

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Did you try a BLE connection? Not sure that would help, but you could give it a shot…

I had the same issue for the first time yesterday. Using the h2 connected via Bluetooth to my note 8 doing smart - bangarang.

Yup, I use a USB Ant+ dongle to perform my workouts on android.

Today i went old school (Garmin Edge 820) to perform a hardness test and it was flawless… the device controls 100% my trainer.

After that, I again tried the Android app, this time after a factory reset + reinstall. The app with ANT+ works fine on fixed power intervals, but still doesn’t adjust Smart ones, if I pair the Neo using BLE it shows the power, but it doesn’t control the trainer at all.

I’ll follow your advice and contact support, maybe this feature isn’t supported yet.

As for the Android app, I don’t know the current status of the app, but the new version - coming soon - may address your issue. If you use BLE from your Android, you may face the same problem as we have on iOS, which basically is because the Neo is not FTMS capable/compliant. Not sure though - try Support…

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