Android Xert player outside use

Just wondering if anyone uses the Android Xert app/player outdoors.
For example because you don’t have a Garmin device and therefor can’t use the Garmin app.

On occasion when my Garmin forgets to charge itself. :slight_smile:
Definitely a clunky look, but it’s so much better visually and functionally than the IQ app.
I use an extra Garmin mount on my stem plus phone case with glued on Garmin device mount. Definitely not something I would trust off-road or even on a rough road.
For that I’d need to invest in a Quadlock plus a hardier phone case.
Another issue is it’s fair weather use.only. Sweat drops can mess with things. Rain would be much worse. I’d rather ride indoors on a rainy day anyway.
If the upcoming Karoo v2 hardware lets me run the Android app without any hassles I may consider switching from a 1030. However, Hammerhead’s history doesn’t exactly spark confidence.


I used the android app many times on my shorter commutes to/from school and didn’t care to have the data in front of me. Paired sensors & enabled GPS, pushed start activity, locked screen & threw the phone in my back pocket. Worked really great!

I’m also excited to see the Karoo V2.0 - hoping they make some big improvements with it.

If it can produce sound, many will be ecstatic :joy:

I think they realized that was a mistake about 2 minutes after V1 was announced with no audio :smiley: