Android player gives only one workout

I’m a trial user (expecting to upgrade…) and have done a handful of different Xert workouts on my android phone and tablet over the last few weeks. However, in the last few days, I can only see one workout in the android player app, no matter what I select in the web app.

For example, today I was expecting “SMART - Stuck in the middle” which was automatically selected by Xert and showed in the Fitness Planner. When I open the app on either my phone or tablet, I always get “SMART Opener - 3”. On another day I was expecting “Active reocovery” but again I got Opener - 3. This seems to be the same whether I select a workout manually or let the planner give me the recommended one.

I think I read somewhere that when you have a subscription the app actually lets you select different workouts rather than having to go through the web interface which is rather slow when I just want to jump on the bike. Is that right?

At least the player used to let me do the workout I’d selected online. Now it seems stuck on the Opener. If this is user error and there’s some simple way to select the workout I want, then great. If the app is simply flaky on the two devices I happen to own, then I don’t see much value in it.

I cannot replicate the problem you describe on my Pixel 2 phone.
I can repeatedly select different workouts from Xertonline from either the suggested list or by filtering. Then I jump back to the Player, Workout screen, touch Select and that workout loads.
I can do all this from my phone using the Training tab (not Planner) at Xertonine then switching back to the Player.
If problem persists I suggest you file a support request with or reinstall the app on the phone.

When you say “handful” and “last few weeks” how long into the 30 day trial are you?
I am not sure what happens when the 30 days are up.
I subscribed to thoroughly evaluate Xert as it takes 120 days to run through all the phases.

@ridgerider2 - that’s it, thank you! If I use the Training tab to select a workout, it’s there when I re-open the app. I thought that putting it in the Planner for a particular day would be enough.

So I guess this means I need to log into Xertonline every day before doing a workout, even if I have them all planned out in advance?

One more question - are Subscribers able to select workouts from a list in the app? Most other training software lets you do this. I like using xertonline for analysis and longer-term planning, but using it on my small phone screen would be fiddly and I’d prefer not to have to boot the PC for a 1 minute job.

I’ve done 5 Xert workouts and I’m two weeks into the trial.

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From memory, I’m pretty sure that you only get to see the currently selected workout if your a trial member. As a paid up member I can see all of the workouts on the android app.

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I like to view suggested workouts for today and either accept the recommended one or pick an alternate or Load More and pick one there. On occasion I use the filters to change duration, focus, or difficulty.
I wish Xert added a link to the Training page from the first form in the app (to right of Activities). Then you could view Recommended Workouts and decide before you move on to the Player. Currently you have to jump a few hurdles to do everything on your phone.
I start the app, click name of last activity, scroll down and select View Activity. That logs me into Xertonline for that activity. Then I pick My Fitness from the menu (or Home in top breadcrumb), change to Training view, and scroll down to Recommended Workouts. I make my selection then move back to the app, backup, select Player (Record), confirm sensors are paired, select Workout, Select. :slight_smile:

I’m not a fan of using the Planner. I think Xert works best without it especially when self-coaching. There is actually a “XATA plan” running in background based on your settings (athlete type, IR, and phase) but it’s flexible day to day and even hour to hour between activities. I really like this freedom after years of grinding away at predefined 8-12 week plans on other platforms. Of course not everyone can do this depending on their goals and disciplines. I’m only cycling, don’t compete, but want to be fit for long rides and occasional gran fondos assuming we ever get back to normal. :mask:

@jamesgbradbury – There is the All option next to Selected in the Android app as
@oldcyclist65 mentions. You should see this after you select the recommended workout.
The workouts are in the same order as the recommended list including Load More entries as long as you don’t scroll down too far.
I prefer to visit the Training page to get an overview first without firing up the laptop.
The other advantage to the Training page is access to all filters and Goals.

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