Android EBC and Garmin not controlling trainer

Recently started using Zwift again on Apple TV. Have Neo2t trainer paired for power and cadence there. Garmin IQ app and now Android EBC app both see ANT+ values for power and cadence but for whatever reason neither seems to be controlling the trainer. This was definitely working when I was using Fulgaz so really not sure what the issue could be.

Any ideas on troubleshooting steps?

(Confirmed that trainer is not a Garmin sensor)


Does everything works as expected until you add Zwift into the mix?
What happens if you setup EBC first before starting Zwift?

I’m not quite sure but I did find a video online that explained that the tacx neo2 broadcasts two different ant+ profiles, one of which can be disabled in the trainer settings through their native app. TACX Neo 2 Smart Trainer // Better ANT+ Signal How To - YouTube

I may have been connected to the wrong controller profile because of the two signals coming out but I went in and disabled that second broadcast and tried EBC again and was able to control the trainer just fine. When I have a minute I’m going to try it with zwift as well and see if it makes a difference whether or not one is connected before the other.

(I’m using Apple TV so only BLE there, not sure how that would interfere. Zwift was definitely not controlling the trainer either)

Will report back. Hopefully this fixed the issue.

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This seems to have worked.