Android App - UI improvements

I have been using the android app on outside rides. It generally works well but there are some things that could really enhance the experience.

Device Xiaomi Mi A1 - generally a very good screen with good brightness levels

Workout Screen:

  1. The graph on the workout screen is illegible in sunlight, washed out green on a black background with small arrows and thin lines means it all but disappears with sunglasses on. What it needs are the interval blocks to be in white with a thicker white line outlined in red to show where in the workout you are.
  2. A textual means of displaying the “Next Interval” would be good.

Activity Screen:

  1. The target power arrow with the timer on it is way too small and should be white or red with a thick white outline. The timer itself should be larger or moved to a static position above and to the right of the guage. The power indicator arrow should be large and bright green as are the numbers.
  2. An audio cue to say whether power is above target or below target would be good to shift focus to the road rather than the screen.
  3. Audio cues , perhaps a set of countdown beeps to the start of the next interval would be useful.

I am sure that the screens as they are now work well enough in a turbo trainer environment where light levels are lower and sunglasses are not used but outside its taking too much attention to get the information.

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