Android app showing wrong value

Hi there,

In spite of many refreshing my app shows me a value of 4.5w/kg for 10 min. power while Xert online shows me 3.4w/kg (which seems more realistic to me).

Android app:

Versus Xert online:


It looks like the Xert Android app doesn’t refresh this value?
p.s. Now I take closer look I also notice that the High Intensity Energy values differ. Clearly the app values and website values are not in sync.

Gr Johan B

But you missed LTP also being off by 1 Watt? Asking for a friend :joy:

Seriously, the 10 minute power is an issue, but the others, are just rounding differences…

Btw: these rounding differences seems to hunt me :slight_smile:

That seems odd.
What happens when you refresh your browser then close/restart the app on your phone?

That solved it! Thanks.
That is something I could have though of myself ofcours.
In case of issues reboot first :grimacing:

We also addressed a similar issue on iOS today. Should all be resolved now :slight_smile:

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