Android app replaces workout name with generic description

Every time I complete and save a workout on the Android app I find that the name of the workout has been changed to a generic description like " Moderate Mixed Breakaway Specialist Ride" when looking at it in the table or on Strava.

Any ideas why this happens?

Hi Constantin,

Thanks for reporting this. A few clarifications will help us troubleshoot this faster…

  1. Are you using the latest (beta) version of the app?
  2. Are you starting an activity, starting & finishing the workout, and continuing to ride after? Or just doing the workout, stopping and saving?
  1. I’m using the latest version available on Google Play (last updated 7 Jan 2020)
  2. I select a workout, start it and do it until it reaches its end and the timer runs out. I finish cycling. Hitting the back button appears to me to be the only way to bring up the Save dialog box. I select save.

Thanks for that.

We’re working on a fix that should address this bug. Should be available very soon…stay tuned!

This seems to be fixed now.
Thank you!

Yes! Forgot to follow up on this thread. The fix for this was resolved in the last update! Cheers